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one way street

oops, wrong way

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8 January 1987
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Dolce Cantabile (my username) is a musical term, meaning "sweetly, in a singing style." It represents a way i would like to live my life - gently, beautifully, passionately, with the joy of a person who finds meaning and purpose in creating music.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line i lost my way. For a long time, i have felt like i am going the wrong way down a one-way street. I'm hoping that this journal, and the people who read it, will help me find the right way again.

I write about all things my life - my music, my adventures, things that make me feel one way or another, and even everyday things. Most of my journal is public, so you are most welcome to read and comment, but please be nice - i do not like arrogant, judgemental or offensive people.

Thankyou for reading :). A big *HUG* for the road...

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